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Donate Goods

Get Involved – Donate Goods!

PACS is grateful for the community support of gifted goods to serve our clients.


Check out our "Hot" List below. This is a list of highly requested non-perishables and non-food items:

Donations We CANNOT Accept:


Glass Containers

Opened Boxes & Bags

Expired Items 

Items With No Expiration Date


We thank you for your understanding and continued support.

How can you donate? 


For general donations, we accept donation deliveries Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm, Thursday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 10am - 1pm. Please contact PACS for drop off outside of this window.


If you would like to initiate a group or neighborhood food drive, contact PACS prior to delivery to ensure we have volunteers ready to receive and put away the food.


Visit our Facebook page to see what local companies are partnering with PACS to donate a portion of their sales proceeds or conducting a food drive so that you can drop off your donations there.

A Simple Gesture Programs

We've expanded our A Simple Gesture Program and now you have TWO ways to help!  Both individuals and businesses can participate in our bi-monthly donation program. Check out our options below if you are interested in participating:


For Individuals:
Our A Simple Gesture program is an easy and convenient way to donate from your front porch. When you subscribe to the ASG program, you will receive a GREEN reusable bag to fill every other month. We'll pick up your filled bag to bring to PACS. Click here to find out more.

ACSG clipart (1).png

For Offices, Businesses,

Churches, Etc.:
Our A Corporate Simple Gesture program is an easy way for you and your employees to donate as a group. When you subscribe to the ACSG program, you will receive a 50-gallon bin to fill during your requested months.  Click here to find out more.

You can help! We need and welcome your support.

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