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A Simple Gesture

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What is A Simple Gesture (ASG)?


“A Simple Gesture” was started in 2011 by Jonathan Trivers in Paradise, California. Jonathan was retired and looking for a way to give back to his community. His overall goal was to provide a “simple” way to get the community involved in a food donation cycle to help feed families in need.  Their model has been replicated by over 70 chapters nationwide. The program enrolls generous donors who agree to fill green reusable grocery bags with non-perishable grocery items that are collected by volunteers and distributed to local food pantries.

How it works

Simply sign up (below) and we will deliver a reusable ASG green bag to your home. On the bag will be a list of food items that PACS needs the most as well as the pick up schedule (every other month). On the designated pick up day, leave your bag on the front step and one of our super fabulous volunteer drivers will pick it up and leave a replacement bag in its place.  Your full bag of food will then be delivered directly to PACS.  It is that simple!

Pickup Schedule: 3/9/2024, 5/4/2024, 7/13/2024, 9/14/2024

To participate in A Simple Gesture program, complete the sign up form and PACS will get in touch with you shortly.


New registrants will be signed up for the next pickup date on the calendar below: 

(Don't see the Google Calendar? Try refreshing the page)

A Simple Gesture Signup

Thank you for your signup! You are now registered.

How the ASG Green Bag Helps Hungry Families in our Community

Fill the ASG Bag with needed food items.


Leave the ASG Green Bag outside your door on a designated pick up day.


Volunteers will pick up the ASG Green Bag at your home and leave an empty one for the next pick up.


Once collected, our volunteer drivers take the filled Green Bags directly to PACS.


Food from the Green Bags help stock the shelves at PACS to serve our community.

If you are already contributing food to our food banks/food pantries, thank you for your generosity. A Simple Gesture is not intended to replace your giving, but to make it easier and more convenient for more people to give.

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