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PACS has a small paid staff and relies on community members who generously give of their time and talents.

PACS' First Volunteer Recognition for 2022


With a staff of just six people, PACS relies heavily on its strong volunteer corps to help provide its neighbors and other nonprofit agencies with the food and resources they need. Today, we’re happy to recognize one of four outstanding volunteers of the year: Carol Sutton.

Carol has more than 13 years of service to PACS. Her willingness to pitch in and solve challenges has made a meaningful impact on the people in our community. “I know that this work is making a difference in people’s lives,” she says. “I’m able to see firsthand how we’re meeting people’s needs.”

While volunteering at the PACS’ front desk, Carol greeted and got to know our neighbors. “There are so many nice people here, both guests and staff,” she says. “It’s rewarding to help people have food and not be hungry. I hope it helps them onto the next step in their lives.”

One important aspect of PACS that some might forget is the need for bags. “Our guests need bags to carry home their food,” says Mary Fuller, Executive Director. “Carol recognized this need, particularly during the onset of the pandemic, and took over responsibility for finding bags, even driving to grocery stores and collecting bags from recycle bins. This has been a huge help to us.”

In addition to her service at PACS, Carol volunteers at the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue and enjoys gardening. “I keep coming back to PACS,” she says, “because volunteering here reminds me how fortunate I am and everything that I have.”

Carol Sutton

The following volunteer opportunities are available below. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at PACS, please complete the form

Volunteer Needs

During our regular business hours: Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm, the following assistance is needed:

  • Front Desk assistance – greet and assist neighbors with sign-in process and shopping as needed, answer phones and set up food appointments

  • Warehouse assistance – help with quality control, sorting & stocking non-perishable food items

  • Drivers – deliver food orders to neighbors and/or drive PACS van to food recovery sites to pick up and deliver donations to PACS

Committees and the Board of Directors

PACS also needs people with specialized skills and experience who are available late afternoons and evenings (Monday through Friday) to assist with special projects, committee work and governance.

The following committees are seeking community members who would like to contribute their time and expertise.

  • Audit

  • Communications and Marketing

  • Facilities (Building and IT)

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

Serving on a committee prior to applying to serve as a Board member is highly encouraged.

If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position, please complete the form and PACS will be in touch with you.

You can help! We need and welcome your support.