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Staff & Board

Meet Our Staff


Mary Fuller

PACS President

Mary once beat Bradley Copper in votes during a "Most Famous Person in MontCo" contest!


Mairi Dewey

Operations & Volunteer Manager

Mairi enjoys reading cook books and trying new recipes.

Julie has never flow in an airplane before, but they have flown on a glider (no engine!)


Maria Jordan

Client Services Manager

Maria has a total of 13 amazing grandchildren!


Julie Mokrzycki

Grant Writer & Market Manager

Julie has never flow in an airplane before, but they have flown on a glider (no engine!)


Meredith Ferry

Warehouse Coordinator

Meredith has a 200 pound Newfoundland named Theo. Just like Nana from Peter Pan.


Mike Claus

Food Recovery Relations Manager

Mike used to be the school mascot for Iowa State University and would travel with the sports teams!

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Debbie McGinn

Program and Development Coordinator

Debbie loves snakes, but is very afraid of peacocks!

Untitled design (2)_edited.jpg

Erica Johnson

Marketing Coordinator

Erica can play many different instruments including flute, piccolo, bass flute, ocarina, piano, guitar and ukulele!

Noelle staff announcement .png

Noelle Grietz

Volunteer Coordinator

Noelle likes to ride horses and has even given others horseback riding lessons!


Zoe Hussong

Inventory System Specialist

Zoe enjoys playing soccer!

Executive Committee

Sue Bio Pic.jpg
Sue Starling
Board Chair
Connie Pollock
Vice Chair
Janet Gerner
Board Secretary
Don Dewey
Board Treasurer

Board Members

Josh Baker
Frank Loughry
Dave Garlick
Tony Odorisio
Ryan Kerry
Marrea Walker-Smith
Susan Verbonitz
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