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A Cooperative Simple Gesture

Sign up for a Group Donation Drive

What is A Cooperative Simple Gesture (ACSG)?


Evolved from our A Simple Gesture program, ACSG is our donation program where groups have the opportunity to work together, willingly, for a common purpose or benefit.

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How to Become A Cooperative Simple Gesture Donor

Simply sign up (below), and we will deliver a reusable 50-gallon donation bin, along with promotional materials to help you spread the word of your mission to help PACS. Place your bin in a strategic area in your office where you and coworkers, neighbors, students, teammates, etc. will see it.

Participants can choose from various donation timeframes:

Every month throughout the year:  

  1. Twice a year - pick two months 

  2. Once a year - pick one month

  3. OR customize the number of collection periods


Not sure what to donate? We will provide you with access to our HOT List.

Getting your donations to PACS

Groups can make arrangements to drop off, sort and stock their own donations at PACS. This would be an excellent opportunity for not only company Employee PTO Community Service incentives, but also students who need to earn service hours for school credit. Everyone who participates in the ACSG Program is encouraged to tour our facility and learn more about how their donations benefit our neighbors in need in the Phoenixville and surrounding communities.

ACSG Past Participants

To participate in A Cooperative Simple Gesture program, complete the sign up form and PACS will get in touch with you shortly.

A Cooperative Simple Gesture Signup

Thank you for signing up! You are now registered.

How Does ACSG Work?

Place your ACSG Box in a designated area.

Volunteers Packing Food

Donors can fill the Box with needed items throughout the month. (Please no expired items or glass containers.)

DA28CCB7-B4E0-43FF-994E-6CDE14CF7D08_L0_001-6_13_2024, 12_45_50 PM.jpg

Groups can volunteer their time to drop the items off at PACS.


Participants may opt to help us sort and stock shelves as well as get a tour of our building.


Food from the ACSG Boxes help stock the shelves at PACS to serve our community.

If you are already contributing food to our food center, thank you for your generosity. A Cooperative Simple Gesture is not intended to replace your giving, but to make it easier and more convenient for more people to give.

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