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PACS Volunteer Recognition

PACS could not provide the services and support to the community without the time and effort from many of our wonderful volunteers. Here are some volunteers that we would like to recognize to highlight their tremendous contribution to PACS. 

PACS' Volunteer Honorees

Mary McGown

Mary McGown began volunteering at PACS in 2006 to give back to our community. Initially, she served on the Board of Directors and jumped right in as the Board Fundraising Development Lead. During this time, she started the Empty Bowls fundraiser with Richard Haulck, the owner of Artisans Gallery & Café on Bridge Street at the time.


With its small beginnings at the Café, Empty Bowls is now one of PACS’ largest fundraisers of the year. This year PACS partnered with the Technical College High School which provided the soup, location and student volunteers, the Phoenixville Area High School which provided musical entertainment, Villa Maria students who decorated and donated “empty” bowls, and local businesses that provided sponsorships, bread, auction prizes and empty bowls.


In 2017, Mary returned to serve on the Board of Directors after retiring from Vanguard. When PACS was going through a leadership transition in 2019, Mary offered to be the “acting” Executive Director. She held this position for nearly a year, leading the day-to-day running of the organization and contributing to PACS’

broader vision and strategy.


After stepping away as Executive Director, Mary has been able to devote more time to her favorite hobbies, spending time with her grandchildren and biking with her husband. She continues to volunteer at PACS by managing all our social media.


“I volunteer at PACS because I believe that everyone should have access to healthy food. So many people right here in our own community struggle to make ends meet. This is one way I can help,” says Mary.

You can help! We need and welcome your support.

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