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New Names, Same PACS 💚

Though names may change, we are still Phoenixville Area Community Services

Times have changed rapidly since we purchased our building on 101 Buchanan Street in 2020. To face these changes and the ever-growing needs of our community, PACS has continued to grow as well. We have persevered. Today, we are more than just a local food pantry.

We are a Food Center

As a food center, we strive to provide support to not only our guests who visit the market, but also to other agencies and groups in our community. Through our warehouse and retail rescue program, we distribute food and supplies to roughly 33 agencies in the Northern Chester and Montgomery counties. By supporting these agencies, we are able to assist people far beyond the reach of our wonderful Phoenixville location.

The Daily Pantry becomes “The Market”

 Our goal in updating this name is to help define and reinforce the fact that what we offer is so much more than a pantry; it’s a welcoming, cost-free grocery experience for our guests.

Even though we've updated some of our names, our mission remains unchanged. PACS will continue to be the lead resource for food insecurity for those in Phoenixville and the surrounding areas who need our assistance.

Familiar faces, new titles

Just as our facility evolves, so do our dedicated team members. We are pleased to announce new titles for these three amazing people. Without them, we would not be where we are today.

Mary Fuller President

Fred Hubler Jr. Board Chair

Tony Odorisio Vice Chair

We would like to thank everyone in the community for their generosity and support for more than 50 years. Our organization would not be able to do what we do without you.


Mary Fuller

PACS President

& The PACS Team

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