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Building the Future of Food Security

We are honored to have acquired 101 Buchanan in Phoenixville.

The former owner, Town Supply Company, provided building materials to Phoenixville for many years. Now, 53 years later, the building that helped build homes in and around our community will help build food security for Phoenixville’s residents.

Financial donations continue to be the best way to support us, as we embark on the next chapter for PACS—a new building that will help us build food security for our community.

Please consider donating to our Building the Future campaign. We are most grateful for any and all support.

Why move PACS?

Our role in the community continues to grow:

  • PACS has had more than 45,000 requests for food since the beginning of 2020.  That’s 5x the number of requests we had in 2018-2019.

  • Each week, PACS helps between 600 and 1,000 people access food.

  • More than 12 other agencies in our community (like senior centers, churches and others) count on us for access to food.

Why a new location?

  • Our building on Church Street is a former school and was not originally designed to easily store and distribute large quantities of food.

  • While we’ve successfully managed to distribute food from this location for 47 years, the food pantry model is changing. We need to be able to store and distribute larger quantities of food to help other agencies and individuals in our community.

  • Our goal is to provide access to healthy, nutritious food and this requires adequate refrigeration and storage space.

  • We’ve taken the first step: Earlier this year, we were awarded a grant to purchase a refrigerated van. An important part of our vision for food distribution, this van will help us pick up and transport fresh food.

  • The next step is to have a building that can support our mission, which is to nurture food security in our community.


You can help! We need and welcome your support.

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